Gooseberry Patch

Pulled Pork Barbecue
Enjoy this recipe from 101 Farmhouse Favorites (M208).

14-oz. can beef broth
1/2 c. beer or non-alcoholic beer
3 to 4-lb. Boston butt pork roast
18-oz. bottle smoke-flavored barbecue sauce
sandwich buns, split

Pour broth and beer into a large slow cooker; add roast. Cover and cook on high setting for 4 hours, or on low setting for 8 hours, until roast is very tender. Remove roast from slow cooker. Shred roast with 2 forks and transfer to a roasting pan. Stir in barbecue sauce. Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Fill buns with pulled pork to make sandwiches. Makes 10 to 12 servings.

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